At Corson Distilling Systems, we design and hand-build commercial alcohol distilling equipment for craft distilleries including batch distilling systems, pot stills, column stills, continuous stillsmash tuns, and fermenters. Our systems provide distillers the capacity to produce a full range of spirits.

We forge, machine, and TIG weld all our distillery equipment in the U.S.A. from raw stainless steel and copper. We back up our craftsmanship with a two year warranty, and impeccable support. We also provide installation support and training to ensure the success of distillers who choose a Corson Distilling System.  

As a commercial distillery equipment manufacturer, we're happy to answer any questions you have about our equipment, or the process of starting your distillery. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision when you buy distillery equipment. After all, it will be the cornerstone of your distillery. 

Phone: (208) 407-4268


Steam-jacketed copper pot still with whiskey/brandy helmet and 4-plate column

Spirits safe for making cuts and collecting distillate during the run.

Steam-jacketed mash tun with cooling jackets and insulation

 Stainless distillery fermenter with dished bottom.