Distillery Automation

Touch Screen Provides consistency & Safety


  • Touch screen PLC control panel provides manual or automated control of the system.
  • Steam Heating control for the still and mash tun.
  • Cooling control for the mash tun, condenser/dephlegmator, and fermenters.
  • Agitator control including variable speed and reversibility.
  • Vapor flow control for switching between pot and column runs.
  • Over-temperature and over-pressure alarm.
  • Integrates with optional external ethanol meter, ventilation, and boiler to shut down the heat source, ventilate the distillery, and alert the distiller in case of an ethanol vapor leak.
  • Mashing module including presets for enzyme rests.
  • Our system is modular for ease of interoperability with other equipment or control systems.
  • Accessible on any network connected device.
  • Data logging
  • Manual Emergency Stop