Corson Distilling Reviews

At Corson Distilling, we're proud of the equipment we build. Our customers are just as proud to run their Corson Distilling Systems. But, don't take our word for it. Check out testimonials and reviews of our alcohol distillery equipment provided by our customers. As you'll see below, owning a U.S.A. made distillery is a source of tremendous pride, and a hallmark of success. 

Wine Shine-Paso Robles, California

As every distillery wishes to produce a product that is uniquely expressive of their personal taste, it is critical to have a piece of equipment that will allow you to do so. We knew when we met the Corson brothers that they were out of the box thinkers and capable of producing the perfect still for our specific needs, and they came through.
Unless you’re purchasing a still out of the box from China, be rest assured that quality stills will take some time to be built. While every manufacturer will undoubtedly exceed the estimated build time, Corson in the end will not disappoint.
We are proud to show people where the behind the scenes magic of our distillery takes place, in part to the very impressive Corson still humming away and producing beautiful spirits.
Patrick B.
Wine shine final.jpg

Oceanside Distilling-Oceanside, California

“I have had the privilege of working with Josh and Tory Corson of Corson Distilling. I started the process of setting up Oceanside Distilling about 2 years ago. I learned early on in the process that in order to apply for the federal license for a Distillery most of the equipment had to be on order. Corson Distilling was very helpful with the process and their website has a lot of technical advice with links to products and services that are needed to complete the process.
I placed my order for a new Still, Mash Tun and Fermenter. Getting the process completed required leasing a space and completing the tenant improvements needed. Working with Oceanside city required multiple applications, submittal of plans, hiring an architect, engineers etc. This lead to substantial delay. Corson Distilling was very understanding of this process and waited about 12 months before we were ready for delivery of the new system.
Obviously they could not have equipment sitting around for a year thus they built my system when I was ready. I got all the latest improvements and they kept the price the same. I was really impressed by this they went out of their way to work with my time frame.
It seems to be part of this industry. Many delays happen for various reasons. Client delays, manufacturing delays, ordering parts etc.
My system was delivered. I unpacked the equipment and when I was ready Josh and Tory came, put the system together and taught me how to use it.
I have enjoyed working with Corson Distilling, they are an excellent company.”
Dieter S.

Australia Distiller-Joe D.

“If  you were to ever need an example of how to grow your business to a world class level yet never lose a single piece of the down to earth and humble personable service that got you there I would have to say you would be hard beat to find anyone more appropriate than Corson Distilling. Having experience dealing with providers of distilling equipment globally, no one provides such personal and efficient customer service as Corson. It is this personal touch that I feel really reflects in the finished product as Lacy and Josh are on hand throughout the entire process to ensure that no matter the distance between customer and manufacturer nothing gets missed throughout the construction process. Having worked with Corson on a custom piece of equipment from half way across the globe I can attest for the efficiency, workmanship and second to none customer service of Corson Distilling Systems.”
Joe D.

New Basin Distilling Company-Madras, ORegon

“New Basin Distilling Company in Madras Oregon first met Corson Distilling Company when both of us were just entering the distilling industry. We ordered one of their first full system, a 300 gallon mash tun, fermenters and a three column, 24 plate combination still. The still draws visitors into our facilities as it is what many call a work of art.
After receiving our system and working with the Corson crew in dialing in the operation, we now have a system that is running an efficient and most importantly a great tasting project. We look forward to continue or relationship with Corson Distilling and excited to present our homegrown and distilling products by using our Corson Distilling System.”
Rick M.

Tahwahkaro Distilling Co LLC-Grapevine, Texas

“We are so pumped to have the system in house, it is amazing, and I want you to tell you whole team thank you so much from Line 98. The equipment is truly amazing, beautiful stuff. “
Justin J.

Round Barn Distillery-Baroda, michigan  

“I started working with Corson in 2014 when we were looking to get a new distillery mash tun to help with our bourbon/whiskey production. Corson was a very new player in the distilling equipment market and at first I was hesitant to go with a business so new. After speaking with Tory and the crew I had no doubt that they were the right company for us and designing the perfect mash tun for our needs. These guys knew what they were talking about and had a head of steam coming into a very competitive skilled market.
Corson’s customer service is top notch and they have always been quick to handle any questions or needs. During shipping, there was an incident and the mash tun was slightly damaged, at fault of the shipping company. Corson offered to send a tech out to fix the damages caused at no charge and before insurance was even settled. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with and I look forward to working with Corson in the future.”
Robbie S.

ASW Distillery-atlanta, georgia

"Our Corson mash cooker and blending tank have been excellent additions to our
whiskey distillery. The impeller in the mash cooker was damaged during shipping and
Corson spared no expense to repair it as quickly as possible, they even overnighted heavy steel parts to make sure we got up and running without too much delay. They
build fine equipment and stand behind it!"
Justin M.

Conneaut Cellars Winery & Distillery-Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania

I have worked with Corson Distilling Systems for about two years. In that time, they sold us a still agitator and a mash tun. In 2015, we had an issue finding a vendor that could custom fit an agitator on our 7-plate copper still to distill whiskey on the grain. Josh at Corson took on the project and worked diligently and successfully through the issues. I was impressed. In 2016, again we were very satisfied with Corson 300-gallon mash tun. The insulation is fantastic. Bottom line, Corson provided us with quality service at a competitive price.
Joal W.