Distillery Permits Made Simple

Distilleries are required to obtain a Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Mistakes in the application can be costly. For example, distillers are required to submit a lease or proof of property ownership with the TTB distillery license application. Distillers often pay rent for several months prior to receiving a TTB distillery permit. Or worse, approval never comes, leaving the applicant stuck in a lease. Our law firm has helped several distilleries obtain permits without costly delays--some as quickly as 30 days! Our price for a licensed attorney to file your application is the lowest in the industry.

Our U.S. Distillery Permitting Process:

Fee: $3,000 or Free with COmplete System

  1. Phone or Email interview with a licensed attorney.
  2. The attorney will create a tailored TTB Permitting Checklist to make document assembly simple.   
  3. From there, the attorney will draft and submit your application using a catalog of approved application templates, including a CAD layout, and equipment serial numbers (for our equipment customers).

Here's the key--our law firm will ensure your application is clearly written, and tracks the language of 27 C.F.R. 19 (federal code governing distillery permit applications). According to many TTB agents, most applications have to be retyped by the agent, or are missing information. Several rounds of corrections ensue, often taking several weeks each.

To avoid this, our attorneys have a catalog of distillery permit application templates based on approved applications we've worked on including Statements of Production, Bonded and General Premises descriptions, and Statements of Storage, etc. They have also handled complex permitting issues such as alternation agreements for co-located distillery/brewery/winery applications, or location of a distillery on the same parcel as a residence. 

From providing affordable American made distillery equipment, to helping distillers obtain federal distillery permits in a timely fashion, to providing installation and training support, our goal at Corson is simple--to help our distillers succeed from conception to launch. 


Canadian distilleries face unique regulatory hurdles. To help, we hired a law firm to write a guide to permitting for distilleries in Canada. Feel free to contact us to learn more. 

Click Here to Download a Free PDF Guide to Distillery Permits Requirements in Canada

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