Stainless Distillery Fermenter

Dished Bottom Design for On grain Fermentation

Quality sanitary fermenters are key to creating quality spirits and achieving high yields. Our fermenters are temperature controlled for consistency via cooling coils.

The dished bottom, and large drain make this fermenter ideal for fermenting any wash including thick fruit and grain-in mashes.

Knuckled corners and a CIP spray ball provide a sanitary fermentation vessel. Sizes from 100 gallons and up. 


  • Cooling Coil
  • Agitator
  • 4" drain with ball valve
  • Rotating CIP Sprayball
  • Dished Bottom
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Charge CapacityPrice
100 Gallons$4,500
200 Gallons$5,500
300 Gallons$6,500
400 Gallons$7,500
500 Gallons$8,500
600 Gallons$9,500
700 Gallons$10,500
800 Gallons$11,500
900 Gallons$12,500
1000 Gallons$13,500
2500 Gallons$30,500

          200 Gallon Distillery Fermenter with a Custom Swirl Finish