Mash Tun

Full temperature control, and agitation make this distillery mash tun well-suited for cooking any type of mash. A false bottom and sparging arm can be added for lautering. Sizes from 250 to 2500 gallons.


  • Steam Jacket

  • Preformed dimpled cooling jacket for temperature control. (Water or Glycol).

  • 2" Insulation

  • 18" top manway and sight glass.

  • Rectangular Front Manway

  • 4" Drain

  • Agitator.

  • Rotating CIP Sprayball.

  • Deep-well thermometer with 3" dial face for accurate temperature readings in F or C.

  • False Bottom (Optional)

  • Sparging Arm (Optional)

  • Mash Rake (Optional)

  • 1 Year Warranty.


Lautering Option

This option allows conversion of your mash tun into a lauter tun--perfect for single malt whiskey.


  • Removable False Bottom

  • Sparging Arm

  • Mash Rake

Here is a 600 gallon distillery mash/lauter tun we built for Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery in Queensbury, New York featuring a #4 sanitary matte finish.

Here is a 500 Gallon Mash/Lauter Tun we built for Round Barn Distillery in Baroda, Michigan. This Tun is fully insulated with independent heating and cooling and is mirror finished.

This video shows all the features of our mash tun. 

Here is a video of Josh Corson converting a 500 gallon Corson Distilling lauter tun to a mash tun and back in under 3 minutes. With the false bottom in, distillers can lauter, or remove the false bottom for grain-in mashes. We hand built this mash/lauter tun in Boise, Idaho U.S.A.

This 200 gallon mash tun in not insulated. This view shows the pre-formed dimpled cooling jackets we forge in-house. Heat is applied through an independent steam chamber on the bottom of the tun.