Stainless Tanks 

Sanitary stainless tanks for any distillery process

At Corson, we build all our tanks from scratch. This allows us to customize your process tank sizes and quantity to perfectly fit your production process. For example, we offer blending, chill filtration, hot and cold liquor, storage, steeping, or any other sanitary stainless tanks your distillery needs.  

All our stainless distillery equipment is built to the same exacting standards of quality and sanitation. From passivating all welds, to ensuring round sanitary corners throughout, our distillery process tanks provide distillers total versatility and customization of the distilling process. Our process tanks come standard with a top manway, and thermometer. As with all our distillery equipment, we can customize process tanks to include any of the following features for an additional fee:

  • Insulation
  • Cooling Jackets
  • Steam Heating
  • False bottom for steeping
  • Additional Manways
  • Input/output port sizes and locations
  • Height/diameter can be customized
  • Clean-in-place
  • Agitation
Charge CapacityPrice
100 Gallons$3,500
200 Gallons$4,000
300 Gallons$4,500
400 Gallons$5,000
500 Gallons$5,500
600 Gallons$6,000
700 Gallons$6,500
800 Gallons$7,000
900 Gallons$7,500
1000 Gallons$8,000
2500 Gallons$16,000