Corson Stills

The pot still forms the foundation of every Corson Distilling System. We have columns for whiskey, brandy, rum, gin, and vodka available. Sizes from 250-2500 gallons. 1 year warranty.


Steam jacketing, agitation, and ample drainage make our pot still ideal for distilling thick mashes, or on grain without scorching.


  • Stainless steel insulated steam kettle.

  • Copper dome and helmet for optimal vapor contact.

  • Clean-in-place (CIP).

  • 4" Drain

  • Stainless Product Condenser

  • Parrots Beak (Hydrometer Station)


The partial condenser (dephlegmator) is adjustable, providing distillers refined control over the alcohol content, aroma, flavor, and palate of the distillate. We can tailor the height and plate number for your specific application.


  • All Copper Column

  • Bubble plates.

  • Sight Glass, CIP, and Thermometers.

  • Botanical Basket for making Gin, Schnapps, etc.

  • Adjustable dephlegmator temperature for reflux control.

distillery equipment spirit safe

600 gallon still

Our standard sizes go up to 2500 gallons (This is a 2300 in Colorado)

500 Gallon still with Scottish Style Hemet (Illinois)

Double Thumper Rum Still (Florida)

200 gallon automated gin still (Canada)

500 gallon still with botanical basket and 4-plate column (U.S.A.)

100 gallon still with 4-plate column and spirit safe (U.S.A.)

100 gallon still with brass sight glasses, custom finish, 4-plate column, and spirits safe (U.S.A.)

300 gallon still with 10-plate column and spirits safe (Canada)