Support Equipment and Services

Sourcing support equipment is challenging. To simplify the process, we assembled this list of support equipment and suppliers, along with service providers with great reputations amongst distillers. We work diligently to update this list with the best products and services available. Where possible, price estimates are included. Steam boiler and chiller prices vary based on the size of your system. 

If you need help sourcing support equipment give us a call. We'll simplify the process, and save you money. For example, our customer received a quote of $86,000 for an oversized  steam boiler--the right steam boiler was $15,000 installed! If you choose a Corson Distilling System, we'll advise your plumber, electrician, contractor, or consultant on properly sizing and installing your support equipment to guarantee seamless installation when we arrive on-site. After all, proper support equipment is key to realizing the full benefits of your distilling equipment.  


You will need to hire an hvac certified boiler installer locally, who may have preferences or recommendations for a boiler. We can connect you with a great supplier of low pressure steam boilers tailored specifically for your distillery. Ask our sales rep/distillery consultant for more info when you contact us. 

This website has a great selection of low pressure steam boilers in a full range of sizes. BE SURE TO INDICATE LOW PRESSURE (<15psi) WHEN ORDERING:

We have worked with many plumbers around the country on boiler design and sizing, condensate return pump sizing, pipe layouts, and steam control. When it comes time to have your boiler installed, contact us so we can work with your plumber to ensure a properly sized and configured steam system


We can quote your glycol chiller direct, or refer you to our preferred chiller manufacturing partner for expert advice and direct purchase. Ask our sales rep/distillery consultant for more information. 


There are many options for bottling lines and labelers, but here are some options that come well recommended by other distillers out there:

a. Bottling:

This unit has a good reputation among distillers. Price: $2,500.

b. Labeling:

This company is by far the best recommended out there. The particular machine you go with will depend on the types of bottles, speed, etc. Cost varies based on bottle size, shape, etc. Contact Race Label for current prices.

4. PUMPS and Hoses

You will need a positive displacement pump for thick mashes, and an explosion proof alcohol rated pump for high proof distillate. You will also need alcohol rated hoses. Allocate $7,000 to $10,000 for pumps and hoses. Here at Corson we resell high quality pumps that come with our standard support and warranty. We don't build pumps, but we do test them, and stand behind them as if we built them ourselves:

A. Pumps:

We can provide you a quote on pumps for mash and high proof spirits. When you contact us, be sure to ask that pumps be included in your quote. 

B. Hoses:

Here is a link to a McGill Hose catalog with all types of hoses specifically for distilleries. 

McGill Distillery Hose Catalog


Many distillers use a plate and frame filter with 5 and .5 micron filters in series prior to bottling. This is especially important for aged products that may contain sediment. Chill filtering is also possible, but would require a cooling tank prior to bottling. Here are two suppliers of filtration solutions. The first works specifically with distilleries. Also, ask Mike Gronski at MG Thermal Consulting about his new filtrations systems. He has options for chill filtering. If you go that route, we can build you a chilling tank. Estimated cost for filtration: $4,000. (Listed above under chiller).


We recommend Aaron at Hublinden. He's an expert on the bonding process, and provides a comprehensive suite of insurance services tailored for distilleries. The bond can be a potential stumbling block if not done correctly. Aaron has also designed a very good method for insuring aging stock, that accurately estimates the value of your spirits as they age. The minimum bond fee is around $200 a year.


Many distillers use these programs to simplify the reporting and production control process:


Start with having your water source tested. White Labs can analyze your water sample and make recommendations for a water filtration system. An RO system is often the best route, as it can be tailored to allow for an optimal dissolved solid content. White Labs is also an excellent source of yeasts, enzymes, and nutrients. Estimated cost for RO system: $2,000.


Depending on how you choose to proof, you'll need a floor scale or flow meter. Here are suppliers of both. Estimated Cost: $3,000

a. Scales

Talk to Fred at Prime Scales. Here is his email:

b. Mass Flow Meter

10. Lab equipment/Hydrometer/Thermometer

You will need calibrated alcohol hydrometers and thermometer, along with beakers, graduated cylinders, and potentially a lab still for obscuration proofing. Estimated Cost: $2,000. 

11. Dewatering Systems for Spent Grain

Many distillers prefer to dewater spent grain for ease of disposal, or for distilling or fermenting off-grain. Here is a great supplier for distillery dewatering systems for spent grain.